Are you a publisher, an event organizer or a manufacturer? Let's work together!

We specialize in the design, sales and marketing of brands in the publishing, arts, entertainment, toys and games industries. Need help launching your products or promoting your events and services on the Swiss market? We are here.

Branding and marketing

Let's develop the products that will make your company a success in Switzerland. Swiss cultural and linguistic particularities hold no secrets for us. At all. We'll help you target the right audience and find the best strategy to promote your brands in this particular market.

B2b and B2C sales

We have a strong experience in wholesale distribution, sales and purchasing in Switzerland. We have an extensive network of retailers and suppliers, particularly in the field of children's products. We've been working in e-commerce and retail for many years, and can help you find new customers and develop a successful sales strategy.

Legal consulting

We specialize in trademarks, copyrights, designs and domain names. Since 2005, we have helped numerous companies launch their products and brands on the Swiss market. We can also help you protect your rights. We also provide translation and linguistic adaptation services for all your products or works.